Collocations Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the collocations page.

1. A collocation is two or more words that

often go together
have similar meanings
must be used together
a) often go together b) have similar meanings c) must be used together

2. Collocations sound "right" to native English speakers because they

sound unnatural
are rarely used
are often used
a) sound unnatural b) are rarely used c) are often used

3. If you learn and use many collocations, your English will sound

more unusual
more grammatical
more natural
a) more unusual b) more grammatical c) more natural

4. Which is a very common collocation?

quick food
fast food
rapid food
a) quick food b) fast food c) rapid food

5. Complete the collocation: "I was running late so I only had time for a _____ shower."

a) short b) quick c) fast

6. It's best for learners to think of collocations as being single

parts of speech
blocks of language
rules of grammar
a) parts of speech b) blocks of language c) rules of grammar

7. Collocations can be divided into several types such as _________ collocations.

verb + noun
subject + object
first + second
a) verb + noun b) subject + object c) first + second

8. Which is an example of a verb + noun collocation?

a terrible mistake
commonly mistaken
make a mistake
a) a terrible mistake b) commonly mistaken c) make a mistake

9. Complete with a verb + adverb collocation: "You'll do it if you ________ enough."

try hard
really try
want to
a) try hard b) really try c) want to

10. Which is a common adverb + adjective collocation?

richly decorated
richly wealthy
greedily rich
a) richly decorated b) richly wealthy c) greedily rich

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