sports vocab

Sports Vocabulary

On these pages you can find vocabulary for sport in general as well for specific sports. Most words are also shown in context with example sentences. You'll also find quizzes to test your understanding.

Olympic Games Vocabulary
The language and vocabulary of the Olympic Games past and present, with example sentences

World Cup Vocabulary
The vocabulary of the football World Cup, with example sentences

General Sports Vocabulary
The vocabulary we use in talking about sport and sports in general, with example sentences and quizzes

Sports General Knowledge Quiz
Fun quiz that tests your knowledge and comprehension of sports you can find on these pages

Vocabulary for Specific Sports

Sport or sports?
1. sport (noun, uncountable): Sam loves sport.
2. sports (noun, countable): Sam plays two sports: football and tennis.
3. sports (adjective): Sam reads the sports news every day.

Song: The Out-of-Shape Blues audio icon
Jonathan Taylor sings about the sports he'll play to get "in shape".

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