Illustrated Garden/Backyard Vocabulary

Twenty common words used to describe items in the backyard or garden. You can download this image as an A4/A3 wall poster from our free ESL posters page.

garden or backyard vocabulary

Vocabulary in context

Below, you see the words used in example sentences
  • axe: I used my axe to chop some wood for the fire.
  • bucket: We filled the bucket with water.
  • bush: There is a beautiful bush growing in my garden.
  • fertilizer: We mix fertilizer into the soil to help the plants grow.
  • flowerbed: There are many flowers growing in the flowerbed.
  • flowerpot: There is a plant growing in the flowerpot.
  • garden fork: I used the garden fork to mix the fertilzer into the soil.
  • grass shears: I picked up the grass shears and started cutting the grass.
  • hod: I picked some beans and put them in my hod.
  • hosepipe: Alice turned on the hosepipe and started watering the grass.
  • rake: I use my rake to collect the autumn leaves.
  • shed: We have lots of tools in our shed.
  • soil: I planted some seeds in the soil.
  • spade: Sam used the spade to dig a large hole.
  • tree: There’s a large apple tree in our garden.
  • trowel: I picked up the trowel and started to dig.
  • vegetable plot: We have carrots and potatoes growing in our vegetable plot.
  • watering can, watering pot: Peter watered his roses with a watering can.
  • weed: There are too many weeds growing in our garden.
  • wheelbarrow: Jim pushed the wheelbarrow full of soil across the garden.