Geography Idioms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests many of the idioms on our Geography Idioms page.

1. The tickets were _______ cheap so we decided to go.

a) dirt b) earth c) rock

2. I've got to be home by midnight, so I'd better

go downhill
hit the hay
hit the road
a) go downhill b) hit the hay c) hit the road

3. You might be getting older, but you're nowhere near _______ yet.

down to earth
on cloud nine
over the hill
a) down to earth b) on cloud nine c) over the hill

4. Relax and have some fun! Stop being such a

fair-weather friend
tip of the iceberg
a) fair-weather friend b) stick-in-the-mud c) tip of the iceberg

5. It's hard to _______ when companies pay us such low wages.

keep our heads above water
be up the creek
rain on our parade
a) keep our heads above water b) be up the creek c) rain on our parade

6. Sales are increasing, but our business still isn't _______ yet.

under the weather
over the hill
out of the woods
a) under the weather b) over the hill c) out of the woods

7. The corrupt politician said everyone else took bribes and he was just

winning by a landslide
digging deep
going with the flow
a) winning by a landslide b) soup things up c) going with the flow

8. Winning a gold medal was amazing. I was _______ for days.

on cloud nine
on the tip of the iceberg
going downhill
a) on cloud nine b) on the tip of the iceberg c) going downhill

9. It was meant to be a surprise party, but he _______ when he saw an invitation.

came down to earth
got wind of it
knew the wind was blowing
a) came down to earth b) got wind of it c) knew the wind was blowing

10. Losing that first game was _______ . They lost their next six games as well!

their field day
the tip of the iceberg
like taking a raincheck
a) their field day b) the tip of the iceberg c) like taking a raincheck

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