Food Idioms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests many of the idioms on our Food Idioms page.

1. Students who get scholarships to the top universities are the

hot potatoes
bread and butter
cream of the crop
a) hot potatoes b) bread and butter c) cream of the crop

2. I don't like going to the opera. It just isn't my

cup of tea
piece of cake
gravy train
a) cup of tea b) piece of cake c) gravy train

3. Healthy children are _______ . They don't just sit around all day.

souped up
cool as cucumbers
full of beans
a) souped up b) cool as cucumbers c) full of beans

4. Every school has some _______ , so be careful who you make friends with.

hot cakes
bad eggs
peach fuzz
a) hot cakes b) bad eggs c) peach fuzz

5. Putting all your _______ in one basket can be risky, you know?

a) cookies b) eggs c) apples

6. I always know when he wants something. He tries to _______ before asking.

butter me up
spill the beans
bring home the bacon
a) butter me up b) spill the beans c) bring home the bacon

7. She likes to _______ in her classes with games and interesting activities.

spice things up
soup things up
butter things up
a) spice things up b) soup things up c) butter things up

8. I can never tell what Maria's thinking. She's

the apple of my eye
in a nutshell
a hard nut to crack
a) the apple of my eye b) in a nutshell c) a hard nut to crack

9. She didn't want to do it, but her friends kept

egging her on
freezing her buns off
selling like hot cakes
a) egging her on b) freezing her buns off c) selling like hot cakes

10. Take everything you read on the Internet with a _______ and you'll be okay.

piece of cake
pinch of salt
bun in the oven
a) piece of cake b) pinch of salt c) bun in the oven

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