Real or am I seeing a ghost ?!

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Real or am I seeing a ghost ?!

Unread post by raaam »

Hello, I M near native perspective teacher .. Been a private tutor before .. And had a full
Time volunteering position for 3 months .. I loved it and wanted to built up my career ... So I had looked into other volunteering opportunities I have been selected to do a 10 month volunteering at one of the public schools in Ecuadorean highland through time to teach organization which is linked with education ministry of Ecuador ... Eudificar foundation . I was asked to pay a deposit . I am planning to pay $500 as I am told it will be refunded once I finish the 10 month contract with this eudificar foundation being a volunteer in public schools .
I was also told that I will be given a round trip flight ticket from India ( where I am living currently ) . Was also told I will be paid a stipend of 350$ per month with 2 meals a day and accomodation . How far is this genuine ?
Mind I was interviewed by a talent acquisition company from the uk named " esl starter "
Until I found out this forum I was feeling positive about the whole experience of getting prepared for October start .
Could you please share your experience and insights please . And let me know if this is a scam or real . As I am going to spend my savings on this!!

Thank you
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Re: Real or am I seeing a ghost ?!

Unread post by Susan »

Sorry, I don't know the answer.

You could also post it on

You may get answers there too.
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