Job as a non-native English teacher abroad

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Job as a non-native English teacher abroad

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I'm a non-native English teacher, I mainly teach business English in different companies in my country. For the past few months I've been thinking about spending some time abroad. I would love to travel a bit and visit some warmer places. I've just started to actively look for jobs (I used for the job search) but people seem to explicitly look for native English teachers. I'm German and I studied English at a German university, I had studied before the system was changed into a Bachelor+Master one, so I hold an old "state teaching qualification", something employers in other countries might not know.

Since some members of this forum have been abroad: how important is it to be a native English teacher? Are there differences in how this is handled in different countries?
And how do you see my chances to get a job? Unfortunately, my grades are just average and I skipped teacher training but I studied to become an English teacher (linguistics, applied linguistics, literature, and lots of pedagogical courses in German) and I have 8 years of teaching experience (in adult education).
Thanks for your help!
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Re: Job as a non-native English teacher abroad

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You may want to look at this discussion on our sister site. It's a similar topic.


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