General advice in relation to jobs in China

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General advice in relation to jobs in China

Unread post by michaelconey »

Hello. I am hoping that someone here on the forum can help me out with a query.

It is my hope that I will be able to secure a position teaching ESL in China. I am at the moment undertaking my TEFL qualification. I am in possession of a degree and able to secure a clean criminal record check.

Having perused a number of job advertisements, it is becoming clear to me that there are a number of potential pitfalls in my pursuit of a position. One of the main issues that I would seek clarification on, is whether or not the requirement for a year or two years teaching experience is essential. I have viewed a number of advertisements where this is not stated, yet others where it is, so I am wondering is this a legally binding requirement for me to have undertaken?

Ideally, I would like to gain employment in a position within a public school, as the hours would suit me better, and once I am established, I would hope to be able to make some extra money by taking on private students. Will the lack of formal teaching experienced gained in the UK, prohibit me from teaching in such a capacity?

I have read numerous horror stories in regards to establishments such as EF, but I understand that this will mainly be coming from disgruntled former teachers. Does anyone out there know of any decent private institutions that will employ someone without relevant experience, so long as they are capable of meeting the requirements of holding a degree certificate and TEFL?

The cities I would mostly be interested in teaching within are all classed as Tier One. Would it perhaps be easier for me to obtain employment if I was willing to be flexible in this regards. My desired destination is Shenzhen, primarily due to its close proximity to Hong Kong, as it would enable me to have access to certain liberties that are unavailable in China itself. As I am a massive history lover, it's also somewhere I've always wanted to visit. And though I am well aware that there will be a degree of pollution I am unaccustomed to no matter where I find a position, I would prefer to stay as far south in the country as possible.

I understand that this is a particularly long post, so for anyone who takes the time to respond to it, and hopefully reply, I will be extremely grateful. Thank you.
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Re: General advice in relation to jobs in China

Unread post by workinchina »

Hello Michael,

Please contact me to discuss what we can offer you and to see if you are happy with it.

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Re: General advice in relation to jobs in China

Unread post by jamesenglish »

Hi Michael,

Beijing and Shanghai have one to two year teaching experience requirements. Where I live and own my school, in Ma'anshan City, Anhui province (20-minute rail ride from Nanjing), the Labor Bureau does not have that requirement. If you would like to get your feet wet, we'd be happy to indulge a conversation! My e-mail: [email protected]

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Re: General advice in relation to jobs in China

Unread post by LeesaJohnson »

I don't think that you need to face any problem if you are looking forward to teaching the students in China.
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