Infinitive or -ing Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Infinitive or -ing? page.

1. We like ________ our grandmother on Sundays.

to visit
to visit/visiting
a) to visit b) visiting c) to visit/visiting

2. I might want ________ some money soon.

to borrow
to borrow/borrowing
a) to borrow b) borrowing c) to borrow/borrowing

3. My father hates ________ a tie to work.

to wear
to wear/wearing
a) to wear b) wearing c) to wear/wearing

4. We can't afford ________ a vacation this summer.

to take
to take/taking
a) to take b) taking c) to take/taking

5. The company was pleased ________ your thank-you letter.

to receive
to receive/receiving
a) to receive b) receiving c) to receive/receiving

6. Would you mind ________ a window?

to open
to open/opening
a) to open b) opening c) to open/opening

7. My suitcase is light enough ________ this time.

to carry
to carry/carrying
a) to carry b) carrying c) to carry/carrying

8. She cannot leave the table without ________ her dinner.

to finish
to finish/finishing
a) to finish b) finishing c) to finish/finishing

9. The music will continue ________ until you turn it off.

to play
to play/playing
a) to play b) playing c) to play/playing

10. My little brother dislikes ________ his hair brushed.

to have
to have/having
a) to have b) having c) to have/having

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