What is a Noun? Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the page What is a Noun?

1. The simple definition of a noun is: a person, place or

a) pronoun b) thing

2. To decide if a word's a noun, look at its ending, position and

first letter
a) function b) first letter

3. A word is almost certainly a noun if it ends with

a) -ness b) -est

4. Which is a noun?

a) govern b) government

5. In which sentence does a noun follow a determiner?

The food's delicious.
It's delicious food.
a) The food's delicious. b) It's delicious food.

6. In which sentence does a noun follow an adjective?

Their team played well.
It's a good, strong team.
a) Their team played well. b) It's a good, strong team.

7. Nouns often come after one or more

a) adjectives b) adverbs

8. Nouns often function as the subject and/or object of

an adjective
a verb
a) an adjective b) a verb

9. "She plays guitar." The noun "guitar" is the

subject of the verb
object of the verb
a) subject of the verb b) object of the verb

10. In which sentence is the subject a pronoun?

England is cold now.
You'll need warm clothes.
a) England is cold now. b) You'll need warm clothes.

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