What is an Adverb? Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the page What is an Adverb?

1. An adverb is a word that can tell us more about

a noun
a verb
a) a noun b) a verb

2. Adverbs can also modify

adjectives and other adverbs
pronouns and other nouns
a) adjectives and other adverbs b) pronouns and other nouns

3. "Our team will win the game easily." Which is the adverb?

a) will b) easily

4. Which are adverbs describing "how" someone worked?

quickly, slowly, badly
quick, slow, bad
a) quickly, slowly, badly b) quick, slow, bad

5. Which are adverbs describing "when" someone worked?

often, yesterday, afterwards
morning, afternoon, weekend
a) often, yesterday, afterwards b) morning, afternoon, weekend

6. Which are adverbs describing "where" someone worked?

office, factory, home
locally, here, everywhere
a) office, factory, home b) locally, here, everywhere

7. "The boys were really dirty." The adverb "really" is modifying

an adjective
a verb
a) an adjective b) a verb

8. "They spoke incredibly quickly." The adverb "incredibly" is modifying

a verb
another adverb
a) a verb b) another adverb

9. "Cheetahs run really fast, but they tire quickly." This sentence has

two adverbs
three adverbs
a) two adverbs b) three adverbs

10. "Suddenly, this loud noise made everyone jump!" The adverb "suddenly" is modifying

a whole sentence
two different verbs
a) a whole sentence b) two different verbs

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