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Civil War of Myanmar

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:41 pm
by SitangCampus
Heavy fightings are going on between the government force and the local warlords in Mynamar, forcing many people to seek refuge to the neighboring country and China, the biggest neighbor of Mynamar has sent several thousand troops to the China-Myanmar border area to play a war game in order to maintain peace there and would cross the border to get invovled if any bombs or missiles intentionally or unintentionally flew into the territory of China.

The war has begun since Oct 27, along with the battle between Hamas and Israel, but very few reaction was felt in the world community and I am afraid that except a small number of accounts on some regional social media platform, other international mainstream media outlets like New York Times, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC, etc, haven't given the appropriate coverage in proportion to the size and intensity of the fightings that are still going on there.

Dear friends who are now staying in Europe and North America, do you know about this incident?

Re: Civil War of Myanmar

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2023 6:06 pm
by BrianStapleton
I had a Korean friend in Gangnam who moved with his wife and 2 little boys to Myanmar for a nice position in the company he worked for. He lived like a king there given how much he was making with that company and how low the cost of living is there, so he was very excited. Still, when he asked me what I thought about him going a few months before he departed Korea I told him honestly, something he was unaware of, that Myanmar has an ongoing armed conflict and unstable government. He went anyway, I don't blame him. But some time later he was telling us how there was the sound of gunfire and battles he and his family could hear from their highrise home. Fortunately, he and his family left Myanmar and returned to Korea a few months ago.
Myanmar seems to be increasingly an important piece in the Sino-American rivalry. Their struggles will likely play an important part in whether China can continue to be encircled by DC and its proxies or if it will break out and stand firm over its neighbors.

Re: Civil War of Myanmar

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2023 3:54 am
by SitangCampus
Gangnam is a luxury uptown in Seoul, right? The hit song Gangnam Style back in 2013 is the most popular in the world. Haha.
Your friend is a little greedy, having owned a happy family but still unsatisfied. He does not know what the meaning of life is until he is about to lose it.

OK, return to the topic of Myanmar. It was a developed country or colony of Britain with highest income but due to low level of management it becomes an underdeveloped country with many problems, drug production and trafficking included. Recently they even permit establishment of industrial parks where telephone fraud companies financed by Chinese capitalists are operated making phone calls back to homeland China to cheat the money of the old and the poor.So when there is a war in Myanmar, many Chinese people are happy to see the anti-govement forces win and many criminals sent back to China for justice.