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Enviroment and vegetarian food

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2022 1:35 pm
by Arino
Nowadays everybody is worried about environmental and health problems. That is normal because we have enough information to know that humans are in danger and need to do something about it. One easy way to contribute to solving this situation could be to become vegetarian or vegan.
One of our biggest environmental hazards is the meat industry, which pollutes rivers, soil and air. As for health impacts, 70% of all diseases are related to diet. Particularly heart disease and the risk of suffering cancer.
The government recommends that we consume most of our calories from grains products, vegetables and fruit.
These days it is easy to find great-tasting vegetarian food. If you are eating out, almost every restaurant will offer a vegetarian selection. Even fast-food and fast-casual restaurants now include healthful, inventive and colourful dishes. Also, this diet helps you to lose weight without counting calories or feeling hungry.
In my opinion, everyone should reconsider their diet and introduce more vegetables because we can get all nutrients that we need from them in a healthy way.