Save Time with this Report Writer AI

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Save Time with this Report Writer AI

Post by littlesunshine »

As teachers, we all know how time-consuming report writing can be. Plus, striking a balance between a personalised final result and repeating certain milestone phrases to describe child development can make you feel a little out of whack.

It can be really tricky when you’re finding that you have a number of children who are at a similar stage in their learning journeys or are encountering similar obstacles. In fact, the most commonly used statements are likely to appear multiple times across different reports, mainly because of the way we measure progress in a standardised manner throughout the classroom.

That being said, it’s really important to maintain each child’s individuality and uniqueness, which is why personalisation is so vital.

But, do not fear! Twinkl is here to make that process a whole lot easier.

You may have used our Report Writer Tool in the past, but this year we have gone next level - yep, Twinkl has added the power of AI. To give you a bit of a recap, in case you haven’t used it before, the Twinkl Report Writer Tool helps you to streamline the process while still ensuring a personalised tone for each individual child, and it’s all aligned to the Australian Curriculum. The report writing software makes the job fair quicker and easier.

Simply go to the Twinkl website and open the

  • Enter the child’s name, gender and age group.

    Select your curriculum, subject area and topic.

    Choose the child’s ability level and then select from a bank of differentiated statements to auto-fill the report.

    Click on the child’s name to alter the pronouns used in the report. From him to he to his and beyond!

    If you right-click on the statement itself you can edit them with a more personalised phrase or comment.

    Copy the finished report to the clipboard and paste into your school’s template or preferred document.
It really is that simple! The report writing software has been tweaked to make it even more helpful than in years past. You will have a finished report in only a matter of minutes, saving you time and energy. And even better than that, it is unique to each individual child, adding your own statements for that extra quick but personalised touch!
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Re: Save Time with this Report Writer AI

Post by RegginaCk »

Time saving perhaps, but not text quality.
Mr Greg
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Re: Save Time with this Report Writer AI

Post by Mr Greg »

When it comes to reports I recommend taking the time to write constructive reports, it will be more beneficial in the long run.
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Re: Save Time with this Report Writer AI

Post by riennespinka »

If you want your reports to be useful in the long term, invest the time to make them positive.
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