Earpleasing song that has English version

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Earpleasing song that has English version

Post by SitangCampus »

Online music is a wonder, it could go viral overnight, especially if you have a nice face and a good voice.

The song "Green" was written and sung by a teenager Chen Xuening born in 2001. It tells the story or experience of two young persons falling in love, a old but permanent topic to human being.

Since it was released on social media, two versions of English have come out, but today I haven't found them online in entirety, so you can make it do with the Chinese version. But as we all know, music is the language of emotion, it crosses borders and you don't have to know exactly each word of the lyric to get the beauty of the song.

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Re: Earpleasing song that has English version

Post by julfrandongo »

The difficulty of learning English from songs comes from the understanding. If you don't know how to write the words that you are listening, you can't understand the message that the song is delivering. But if you have the lyrics of the song on the paper or whatever, you may easily check the meaning of the words that you don't know neither understanding within the dictionnary. This is going to help you alot to improve your language by discovering new words from the song. That's why learning english from lyrics or books like novels, newspaper etc. is the best way for having more vocabulary.
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