Please, i need your help. A bitter experience to share

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Please, i need your help. A bitter experience to share

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Hi, i'm from Vietnam, you can call me catrenthot. I'm having a serious problem now.

I joined a class which is advertised to improve writing skill. I didnt checked it first because the tuition is high and I expect it to be a good one. My God! It's completely useless and I feel angry whenever I sit in the class waiting for the teacher taking hours to prepare for her teaching. A waste of time indeed! :evil:

Some of my friends had to join another class but I won't think of it if there is other solutions . I need to improve my writing skill immediately for I have an important exam which test you writing. I used to do self-study and I would appreciate if so can correct my essays and show me the way. I not, any suggest for an affordable class in Hochiminh city will be precious, cos I feel guilty to ask my mother for money again . :(

Thank you very much :wink:
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happy fish


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I have ever met such circumstances. In fact, nowdays, many kinds of training classes sopnsored by privates or social organized just fixed their eyes on ur money. I had enrolled one while i wanna go abroad and need take part in relative exams, but i found at last that it was useless indeed. So i had to study by myself and in such a short time it was really hard for a high school student.
Now, i have started my career and my english was still so poor. i always felt depressed in my work. In my opinion, reading and reciting r indispensable for ur writing. To chose some tipical articals that u think it was much related to ur study to recite. Than, when u write sth, the setences would be nice.


bst wishes!~~