Invitation to a collaboration on an international writing project

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Invitation to a collaboration on an international writing project

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Hello fellow colleagues,

I'm Karolin, the YLE academic coordinator of Linguist Language School, located in Istanbul, Turkey. We have been giving English courses to students who study at state schools in Turkey for 9 years. Our mission is to provide quality English programs that are not possible to achieve in the kids’ schools. We're reaching out to you because we would like to invite you to collaborate with us on an international penpalship project. Our aim is to be part of such project for a cultural exchange that can be beneficial for the student groups in our schools, especially for their writing skills. We have groups of four different levels. Some will be able to write a couple of simple sentences while others will surprise you with their language proficiency. We aim at improvement in writing and sub-skills, therefore I believe this activity will also be beneficial for your students. What is more, for both sides this will bring cultural enrichment. This means a lot for these children and their parents.

I have contacted so many schools but I could not receive a response. It is vital for us to realize this project for our students. We aim to build friendships and acquire international citizenship skills as well. We primarily prefer to do the collaboration with English-speaking countries. If you would like to be part of this, please PM me.

Good day,
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