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Comments for ESL Report

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2022 11:34 am
by littlesunshine
Here is the example of comments for the ESL report:

Comments for Speaking Skills:
1. (Name) often participates in class discussions.
2. (Name) is often one of the first to answer questions.
3. I am very pleased with (name)’s improvement over the past few months. Their speaking level has improved considerably due to their determination to communicate in English whenever possible.
4. (Name) can respond to common questions, and name a variety of objects in English.
5. (Name) is confident speaking in small groups, but still needs more practice before (he/she) is confident in front of the class.

Comments for Listening Skills:
1. (Name) is able to understand class instructions, as well as a wide range of questions. For this level, their listening skills are fantastic.
2. (Name) is able to pick up a great deal of detailed information during class and listening exercises.
3. (Name) is able to get the general idea from listening exercises but struggles to understand new words from context.
4. (Name) has a good level of listening for most exercises but struggles with understanding more unusual accents.
5. (Name) has more difficulty with listening when compared to reading, but has improved greatly over the term.

Comments for Reading Skills:
1. (Name)’s reading skills are great! They can read full sentences by (his/her)self.
2. (Name) is a confident reader. They can read whole sentences by (his/her)self.
3. (Name) can read individual words, but finds it more difficult to read whole sentences.
4. (Name) should use their finger to cover and read individual sounds and words if they get stuck.
5. (Name) can read short stories by (his/her)self.

Comments for Writing Skills:
1. (Name) can spell their own name in English.
2. (Name) can write letters in English.
3. (Name) can write their own basic, short sentences.
4. (Name) can use written English to describe things.
5. (Name) can use written English to write very short paragraphs.

Comments for Grammar:
1. (Name) is able to form affirmative, negative, and question sentences.
2. (Name) is able to form positive sentences in the present simple, but sometimes struggles with negative and question forms.
3. (Name) is able to identify a verb, noun, and adjective.
4. (Name) needs to remember to conjugate verbs in the third person.
5. (Name) needs to remember to include the verb ‘be’ when forming the present continuous.

Comments for Vocabulary:
1. (Name) is able to recognize and use a variety of new words connected to the theme of (colours, classroom objects, animals, countries, clothes).
2. (Name) is able to recognize words from mimes and flashcards.
3. (Name) recognizes new words but sometimes struggles to produce this vocabulary in English.
4. (Name) worked incredibly hard this term and learned more new words than required.
5. (Name) improved on their strong foundations of vocabulary through consistent practice.

You can find more comments for the ESL report here: ... sl-reports

Re: Comments for ESL Report

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2023 7:50 am
by reberkol
Thanks a lot for this list
It is importent for me

Re: Comments for ESL Report

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2023 1:08 pm
by littlesunshine
You'r welcome, happy to help :)