12 Tenses (Structure and Example)

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12 Tenses (Structure and Example)

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1. Present Simple Tense: Subject + V. 1
I (You/ We/ They) run every day.
He (She/ It) works every day.

2. Present Continuous Tense: Subject + V. to be (is/am/are) + V.ing
I am eating right now.
You (We/ They) are eating at the restaurant now.
He (She/ It) is walking to meet me right now.

3. Present Perfect Tense: Subject + V. to have (has/ have) + V.3
I (You/We/ They) have traveled to England.
He (She/ It) has gone to the hospital.

4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense: Subject + V. to have (has/ have) + been + V.ing
I (You/We/They) have been writing this report for 2 days.
He (She/ It) has been living in Thailand for 10 years.

5. Past Simple Tense: Subject + V.2
I (You/ We/ They/ He/ She/ It) went to the coffee shop yesterday.
My school closed last weekend.

6. Past Continuous Tense: Subject + was/were + V.ing
I (He, She, It) was sleeping when you called me yesterday.
They (We, You) were walking while the car crashed.

**For more tenses please visit www.twinkl.co.th/blog/12-tense-and-structure
Credit to www.twinkl.co.th
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