Best Practices for Teaching During Pandemic

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Best Practices for Teaching During Pandemic

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As the world struggles with the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, online modes of learning will continue to be in vogue. Schools that opened seemingly a few months ago, are now shut again. With students still expected to continue studying from home, teachers need to ensure that they continue using the best practices for online teaching.

Benefit from Online Resources

It would be a first for many teachers operating in a virtual teaching environment. Several other teachers might still be learning the best teaching practices for imparting instruction in an online classroom. Thus, you should make apt use of online resources such as interactive content, videos and mindmaps to make teaching interactive. This will also save your effort in creating content for your students.
Promote a Healthy Learning Environment

Promoting a healthy learning environment is imperative to ensure the best outcome for students. Hence, it needs to be one of the priorities in the list of best practices for online teaching. A student will concentrate better in a classroom environment when they feel that the teacher is truly invested in their academic growth. Being aware of the physical barriers to learning, a healthy learning environment can go a long way in maximizing learning outcomes among students.

Build Strong Relationships with Students

To ensure that the students remain invested in your classroom, you need to take the extra effort. Make them realize that you are available for them to ensure that they grow not just academically, but also in person. Interact with them frequently on an individual basis and know about their academic struggles, if any.

Ensure Frequent Two-way Communication

Teaching is a two-way process. This idea needs to form the foundation of your core teaching skills. You should not act as a mere transmitter of information. It is advisable to also become a receiver of information from students, i.e. you encourage them to share their experiences and thoughts. Additionally, you should also keep the parents informed about their child’s progress from time to time. Thus, two-way communication should be one of the teaching best practices.

Provide Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Options

Not every student might be open to the idea of interacting and participating in a live online class. Thus, you should introduce the synchronous and asynchronous learning options for them. You should ensure that all your live lectures are recorded and made available to students for them to go through them sometimes later. Recorded videos offer them much-needed flexibility and they can watch these lectures when favourable family conditions prevail.

Thus, these were some of the best practices for online teaching. You can add more to this list of teaching best practices basis your own experience in teaching online. Notably, you could exercise these teaching best practices with SuperTeacher, India’s fastest-growing online teaching platform
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