How can we bring Barakah into our home?

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How can we bring Barakah into our home?

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Barakah is a term we hear frequently, but we have unfortunately lost it in our families, so we do not find barakah in time, sustenance, wealth, or children, so what is the secret to barakah?
There are eight steps to achieving barakah:

1-The Quraan's Tilaawah:

If we consider its significance and live our lives according to its precepts, Allah has made the Quraan al Kareem a source of barakah. As a result, our loving messenger said concerning the home where Quraan is recited: "The malaaikahs live in it, the shaithaans flee from it, and it expands for the family and kindness increases."

2- Saying Bismillah and making Allah's zikr:

The messenger said: If a man enters his home and mentions Allah's name before eating, Shaithaan tells his companions, "There is no home nor food for you here."

3. Sadaqah:

Giving sadaqah is one of the ways to achieve barakah in a home. Sadaqah, especially secret sadaqah, quenches Allah's wrath.

4. Keeping familial bonds strong:

Indeed, our messenger has told us that keeping family ties and being of good character will improve our sustenance and lives.
5. . Getting up early in the morning to look for your rizq:

It is said in a Hadith (Give happy tidings to my ummah early in the day), which refers to individuals who leave their houses early in the morning to look for their rizq.

6. Observing salaah at the appointed hour is a means of achieving barakah:

And enforce As-Salat (prayer) on your family, and be patient in offering them [prayer]. We don't ask for anything in return; we provide for you. The Muttaqun will reach the good finish (paradise).

7. Trusting Allah as he deserves to be trusted:

According to a Hadith, if you trust Allah as you should, he will provide for you just as he does for the birds, who leave hungry in search of food and return replete.

8. Seeking Atonement:

Making an abundance of Istighfaar. And Istighfaar is a means of increasing our sustenance in and of itself, as Nabi said: Whoever makes Istighfaar, Allah will provide a way out of every difficult situation for him, and he will relieve his sorrow, and he will sustain him from where he does not perceive.
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