Perform Umrah and visit Holy Places to Strengthen Your faith:

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Perform Umrah and visit Holy Places to Strengthen Your faith:

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Hajr Al’ Hazrat Ismael (AS):

The family of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), including Hazrat Ismael AS and Bibi Hajra, as well as other prophets, are buried in this arch. In Islamic tradition, Prophet Ismael AS has great significance and the Muslims practice slaughtering animals on Eid ul- Azha to commemorate his great sacrifice. Because he is a prominent personality in Islam, reciting two Rakat prayers in this arc bestows great virtue on the reciter. Pilgrims should prostrate with a sound heart for their reasonable desires & needs while standing inside Hajr al Ismael. And that Almighty Allah hears every supplication (made with pure intention) here.
Maqaam-E-Ibrahim (AS):

Prophet Ibrahim AS was the father of Prophet Ismael AS, and he was the first person who performed the pilgrimage ritual after constructing the holy Kabah. Due to this reason, there is a link between the holy Kabah, and pilgrimage with him. Maqaam Ibrahim (AS) is also known as a must-see during Hajj and Umrah because the supplications made here are granted. By using a magnifier, you can see a footprint of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) at Maqaam e Ibrahim. When he was constructing the Kabah's walls, he used to place his feet on the floor.
Jannat ul Mu’alla:

Jannat ul Mu’alla is a general cemetery or graveyard that has existed since the time of Prophet Muhammad SAWW and many prestigious personalities. These personalities include Ulama, Prophet's companions, his relatives, and other well-known personalities that are buried there. The most honorable family members of Our Prophet Muhammad SAWW, such as his uncle Hazrat Abu Talib (RA), grandfather Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (RA), father Hazrat Abdullah (RA), and mother Hazrat Aminah (RA), are also resting in Jannat ul Mu’alla.
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