Perform Umrah and visit Holy Places to Strengthen Your faith:

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Perform Umrah and visit Holy Places to Strengthen Your faith:

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Ziyarat is the practice of visiting the sites related to the Prophet Muhammad SAWW, his family, companions, and also relatives. Because of its profound spiritual importance, the ritual is sometimes referred to as a part of the pilgrimage.
The term comes from the Arabic word ‘Ziyarah,' which means ‘to visit,' and refers to the ritual required visitations to pious sites (graves of the pious people).

Visiting the grave of Prophet Muhammad SAWW is a known obligation while on pilgrimage. As pilgrims must pay Ziyarat to the Prophet's grave (Roza Mubarak). Many pilgrims arrange Ziyarat during their journey because the ritual heightens the importance of All-inclusive Umrah Packages. These packages encourage pilgrims to devote themselves even more than before. The pilgrims are paying Ziyarat because it tells the stories of Prophet Muhammad SAWW's companions who suffered and sacrificed all they had to keep their faith above everything else. Ziyarat encourages a pilgrim to maintain a close relationship with his faith to get peace of mind, not only during Umrah but also after that.

There are many holy places in Makkah and Madinah where you can make Ziyarat, and we've mentioned a few of them here so you can include them in your Umrah itinerary.
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