In Islam, Cleanliness and Purification Holds A Great Significance

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In Islam, Cleanliness and Purification Holds A Great Significance

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Allah Almighty loves those who keep themselves neat and clean. Faith is partly about cleansing one's soul and partly about keeping one's body clean and pure, according to the Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). The purification and neatness of the body indicate that keeping it free from all external impurities and adorning with neatness and excellent manners. Have a look at some important points to remember in order to keep yourself clean in everyday life.
1. The very first thing you should do when you wake up is to wash your hands.

2. If your stomach is upset and under pressure, then don't rush to eat; wait until you relieve yourself with pee or stool.
3. As the left hand is utilized to clean the body's impurities, you must always eat and drink using your right hand.
4. To prevent the droplets from splashing over yourself, always urinate on soft ground when sitting.
5. Always recite the following Dua before entering the washroom:
"I want your protection, O Allah, against all evils and evildoers."
6. After you get out of the washroom, recite the following Dua:
“I Ask You (Allah Almighty) For Forgiveness.”

7. Clean your nose or phlegm thoroughly, and avoid doing so in public.
8. Always try to remain in an ablution state; if water isn't accessible, you can do tayammum.
9. Take a bath as often as possible, at the very least once a week, and preferably on Friday.
10. Brush your teeth by using Miswak on a regular basis.
11. Impurity is not permissible in the mosque, so that, don't enter the mosque if you are impure.
12. While sneezing, always covers your mouth and nose. Sneezing should always be followed by "Alhamdulillah." On the other hand, when you hear anyone sneeze, always utter "Yarhamukallah."

13. Apply Attar, as it was our Prophet Mohammad's favorite habit and Sunnah as well.
All these Important points will also assist you to get ready for your Umrah performance. Before entering the state of Ihram, you must perform Ghusl & ablution according to the teachings of Islam, cut nails, wear a neat clean Ihram dress, and many more. If you wish to get significant rewards and blessings as well as experience the actual essence of visiting Makkah and Madina, you must keep yourself clean and purified before performing Hajj or Umrah.

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