would you like to visit ukraine,one day?

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would you like to visit ukraine,one day?

Post by svetlana,ukraine »

Hello!I am Svetlana,from Ukraine. I am a teacher of English,but i also know German and French.
i would like to meet friends from different countries who's hobby is travelling,and who'd like to study a little bit about ukraine and even in the future who'd like to visit Ukraine.and i'll help you in this- to see my beautiful country, with great history and great traditions,to find more friends!
and i would like to learn more about your country,and hope that you'll help me in this!
If you are interesting in this,then i'll waite for your email.My email address is:[email protected]
hope to hear you soon,my dear friend!!!
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Re: would you like to visit ukraine,one day?

Post by Guest »


Iam Magda and Iam enginear .
Is a surprise to hear that a ucrainian girl knows English,German languages.Ussualy the russian people dont know these language.I think you are a special personne.
.I would like to know you and to see your country one day.I was in Moskow and Volvograd.I like russian musiq .It is special for me.
I suppose that your country is nice ,but I didnt see anything from Ukraine
I know something about Istil,but nothing more .Usually I am traveling in European Countries ..
Iwill contact you soon.
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Post by polis »

:D hello ukrain how are you
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happy fish


Post by happy fish »

a lovely country and i am anxious to go there to expare my annual vacation!~~
my e-mail :[email protected]

P.S. i come from China.
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Re: would you like to visit ukraine,one day?

Post by Sonnet »

First, the canadian people is very kind with foreing people. It is very important because canadian people never refuse you for your skill colour, language, culture, religion or so. I can check it out in the university, stores, parks, movie theaters, and on the streets. For this reason there are people from all world living in Canada.
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Re: would you like to visit ukraine,one day?

Post by Mrdaudiqbal »

ukraine is my last choice to visit
sorry ..
Daud Iqbal
(kpk teaching jobs,student jobs specialist)
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