My own recipe - wine, almond and cheese

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My own recipe - wine, almond and cheese

Post by wllsp »

Just yesterday in the evening I had that and it was quite pleasant.
You need a bottle of white dry wine, a piece of cheese and some almond.

1) Slice cheese.
2) Cool the wine
3) Have a glass of wine. Drink it slowly. Having drunk a glass of wine have a slice of cheese or some almond.
4) Repeat. Have a few more glasses of wine. Don't forget about cheese and almond. Enjoy :)
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Post by tenbase »

It sounds delicious for an evening after work, if you sit with your friends and listen to music, wine is my favorite beverage.
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Re: My own recipe - wine, almond and cheese

Post by saimjhone »

If there is a wine with food, it is more fun If there are some family members and friends with it. Drinking with food is a good act and i definitely drink the liquor with food. I know the 55 percent of black Americans live in the South, and both Hispanic and Asian-American populations are growing rapidly there.
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