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[*]About me:[/b] I am Zulemy. I live in Mérida, Yucatán. I study at the Normal School of Preschool Education and I also work in the evenings. I'm twenty-one years old and I love study, but I also enjoy taking a break to spend time with my family and friends.
[*]Interests:[/b] I like pop music and my favorite band is Morat. I am not an active person but I love to stay home to watch movies and eat popcorn, my favorite Disney movie is Mulan and UP, but I don't always have time to watch it.
[*]Requests:[/b] Please send me a WhatsApp. I want to meet new people and have more friends, especially if they are from Mérida or study at the Normal school, even better, I want to meet new people and make new friends with my same tastes.
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