Let's talk about video games

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Let's talk about video games

Post by theguest »

Hello everyone, this is my first topic in this forum. Here we talk about video games.
You can start answering to one of this questions:
1) What's your favorite game and why it is?
2) When do you start gaming (at what age)
3) what platform are you playing them?
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Re: Let's talk about video games

Post by zipzap »

Nice subject!
I love computer games, and have been playing them many years.
1. My favorite game is battlefield 4. I like this game for it dynamics and hardcore gameplay.
2. I don't clearly remember, but I was something around 5-6 years old.
3. PC, and sometimes android.
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Re: Let's talk about video games

Post by rrhidia »

Very interesting subject!
1) It is hard to answer but I will say "Tomb Raider". I like the scenario and gameplay.
2) At about 10 years
3) Playstation
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Re: Let's talk about video games

Post by AucklandJoe »

1 - Fifa
2- About 12 years old
3- Playstation
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Re: Let's talk about video games

Post by sassybear »

no offense to the guys who love war games

I don't really have a favourite video game, but I do have something I hate.
I hate war games and failures :/
I suck at those games and besides what do you expect on a girl playing video games?
I always lose in every war game, like clash royale, brawl stars, ...
if you always lose, what's the point of playing it

don't punch me after reading this

~sassybear ^_^
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Re: Let's talk about video games

Post by Mrdaudiqbal »

i hate war games
Daud Iqbal
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Re: Let's talk about video games

Post by rotan »

1. My all-time favourite is Hidden and Dangerous 2
It's a tactical shooter taking place during WW2. What makes it different from other games of this type is its realism:
- you can literally die in one hit, it's not like in a typical shooter where it's enough to hide for a moment to be fully healed - once you take one, your health level remains unreplenished unless you use a medical kit... and if you didn't pick a medical kit for a mission before the start, you're gone {-:
- the heavier your backpack is, the shorter your sprinting time is (and your backpack is also limited in terms of weight and size, you can't put e.g 40 medical kits in)
- same thing with weapons, only two are available for a mission (in the menu you obviously have a huge choice of what to pick); one is held by the player, the other is on his back
In addition to the backpack point, you're of course limited with how much ammunition you can take with you, so you kinda need to balance the whole stuff, depending on the mission
- numerous tactics to complete levels; you can rush in with a machine gun, stalk and eliminate the enemy with a silenced gun or a knife, take them from a distance, use a smokescreen, cut fences with snips etc..
You can go alone or with a 3-people crew, each with different special abilities (between whom you can switch during the mission), fight on foot or use a tank, a car, a motorcycle etc. (provided that you find one during the mission, of course)
- on foot, you can run, walk, crouch and crawl; normally it's nothing special, but... each activity has 4 levels of pace - slower ones are often useful when stalking, because the slower you're going, the less noise you're making
- realistic shielding (e.g a wooden fence doesn't protect you as good as a wall)
And many more...
2. I only found the game in 2018 (it was released in 2003... :-D )
3. PC
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