English teachers should teach taboo words to students.

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Hardi wrote: Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:07 am Isn't that just snobbish. It's a part of education, your education cant be complete if you make one part of it as taboo. Actually how you define taboo? It's something that is agreed upon as not to use, but there are many different groups of peoples who have different taboo..

Anyway if watching american police mowies then seems that example ~ is a regular word that every policeman must use if arrest someone. Well I would like to know how taboo it is for a american to use that word, how bad it is to use for a people from uk... Is there a difference. If translated it into estonian it's too bad I would not use it..

btw. One estonian language teacher we had in school, told once to a boy from my class, when we learned difference of nouns and verbs "you surely wrote ***!" (*** is noun, we was had to write verbs) that was really inappropriate for a teacher. But such harassment was typical for a soviet teacher. They had not allowed to beat, so they just taunt very badly. Of course some girls was tell to director, but what use of that. Do that teacher had courage to tell "yes I told it", certainly not.

PS. those taboo words are only disgusting to hear, not to say. I haven't seen that someone have problem to eat with that mouth at latter.. at least so far (s)he know the exact meaning of words (s)he using.
PS.PS. I mean those word's are only then disgusting when others using them not your self.
thank you for all this explications
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