Fame. Is it the new religion?

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Re: Fame. Is it the new religion?

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TalkingPoint wrote:Fame. Is it the new religion? People used to worship god(s); now they worship film stars, sports players, princesses and pop singers. In the past people respected faith, now they respect fame.
This is really interesting!
People admire them but not to that extent of adoring and worshiping them as their Gods. These people, (film stars, pop singers...) are assisted or aided by their managers and producers who are using different types of approach so that managers can get the right attention to put the/a person on top. These actors/actresses, pop singers, etc... are also supported by their fans and follow them anytime and everywhere and if possible even on their sleep... The fans are the people that brings in money to their favourite personalities through their shows and other public appearances. If the managers or producers want some people to be famous they invest on them by grooming them to make them appealing to the public. Once the people start to like them that's the time for them to walk on the road of fame. That's how they become famous and bankable people because the fanatics support them, like buying stuffs related to them, watching their favourite personalities on movies and going on live TV shows, etc....so the popular personality becomes a bank then the next move is for the producers to invest more so they would earn more... :-) So that means they become more famous, so to say when they stop, money that would come in would stop too... that's just how the industry goes. So, fame could not be compared to religion... there is actually a manipulation behind to keep their admiration to their favourite personalities always rolling. There are some people who work to ignite the people's interest...While in religion our beliefs was passed on from generation to generation... extending a long way back. Our huge belief in our own religion is enough for us to have faith and believe and be sincere in the unseen. We just have the Holy Scriptures that proves of God's existence. There is no need to ignite because our strong belief will just keep on going wherever we go and whatever the generation. We don't need physical proof of our God. We believe even if we don't see our God. We surrender our complete trust to our religion. This is our faith in Him.


co-relating this to our economy now..

In my country I guess, this is quite expensive for the fans too who belong to a group. If the fans really become a diehard they really won't stop following their favourite personalities, whenever and wherever they go. Some fanatics are also hoping that their famous personalities could give them a share of whatever success their favourite personalities are enjoying. This personalities are alive, can be seen and touched by their fans and so to some they believe that there is a chance of getting some help, this is why they follow. To some people there is a vested interest. So, again this show's difference between fame and religion.
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