Countable / Noncountable nouns (A person's title)

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Countable / Noncountable nouns (A person's title)

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I'm an Editor for a newsletter of a small organization. I was given an article for our newsletter but I do not know the proper grammar to use. We have 10 public programs throughout the year. Each program has ONE speaker. The person who gave me the article refers to the collection of programs as a "series". He submitted the title of the article as "Speakers Series for 2021". Since each speaker will be speaking individually at different times during the year, would it be correct to say "Speaker Series for 2021"?

Maybe I'll answer my own question with this thought. The article lists all the speakers for the year, so maybe "Speakers Series for 2021" would be correct. If only one speaker was listed (or when one speaker is introduced to the audience) it would then be "Speaker Series".

What are your thoughts?

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