I'm an English teacher.

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Re: I'm an English teacher.

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I am an middle school English teacher. I like reading English news and I'm better at computer than most of the computer teachers here. Unlike many Asian teachers, I like design reading comprehensive worksheets myself as I find many of the students are copying homework online. There are now many apps from which students can get almost all the aswers for their homework. So I make suitable reading materials into exercises. The following is an example. By doing so, I hope my students find nowhere to copy answers. I come here to ask for advice from native speakers with my questions design.

Orville and Wilbur Wright lived in the USA, in the mid 1800s. The 7 and 11-year-old boys got a flying toy made from paper, cork and bamboo. It was powered by a rubber band (橡皮筋). They loved playing with it and hoped that one day they too would make something that would fly. They started following their dream at an early age, as Orville sold kites to raise money and Wilbur started to read about how birds flew.
They built a glider, which was like a large kite, and a human could fly in it for ten seconds. After repeated changes and tries, Wilbur finally flew for 852 feet in 59 seconds.
The brothers had thrown a coin to determine who would test their first plane, the Flyer first. Wilbur had won and had tried to pilot the Flyer but had failed.
Orville was the Flyer’s pilot three days later. It traveled in air for 12 seconds and covered 120 feet on Dec 17, 1903.
They secretly built a plane that could fly 25 miles at 40m/hr. It was a reporter who saw their talent in 1908 and thus the Wright brothers were discovered in the US.
Their father never allowed them to fly together except for once. When Orville first took him up in the sky, he was 82. Still, he advised his son to take the plane higher.
In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt declared Orville Wright’s birthday, August 10, to be National Aviation Day. Neil Armstrong carried a piece of the Flyer with him to the moon.

( )1.Which of the following about the glider is not true?
A. It was like a big kite.
B. It had been changed several times.
C. It stayed in the air for about one minute.
D. It traveled a distance of 120 feet.

( )2.The underlined word determine in Paragraph 3 probably means"__________".
A. decide B. describe C. direct D. introduce

( )3.From the passage, we can know________.
A. President Franklin Roosevelt first discovered the brothers’ talent.
B. The Wright brothers built a plane in public.
C. Their father only allowed them to fly together for one time.
D. Neil Armstrong is the name of a space ship to the moon.

( )4.The passage tells us that__________.
A. Wilbur Wright was born before Orville Wright.
B. The brothers followed their early dream in the same way.
C. Wilbur succeeded in piloting their first plane.
D. The 82-year-old father discouraged Orville to fly higher.

( )5.The passage is probably taken from a magazine about__________.
A. environment B. geography C. technology D. medicine
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Re: I'm an English teacher.

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I'm the same as you... Maybe we can exchange reading comprehension materials with each other
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Re: I'm an English teacher.

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Those questions/answers look ideal to me (native English teacher). Congratulations and do more!
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