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All of ~

Post by Dingu »

The only usage I know of 'all of' is the same as it is featured in 'All of me' by John Legend. Is there can be any other usage of this expression? I met with this sentence reading Dr.Seuss and I don't feel confident if I'm getting right..

""I am Sam," they chanted. "Sam-I-am." Then they recited, from memory, all of Green Eggs and Ham."

I was thinking this as the same as-
'from memory of Green Eggs and Ham'
'from memory all derived from Green Eggs and Ham'
... something like this. Did I get it right here?
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Re: All of ~

Post by darcy »

No. In this sentence, "all of" means the whole of or every word of. So they recited the whole of the story from memory.
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