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Can you give me some feedback?

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 4:13 pm
by Pearly
Hi Everyone,

I made another writing task to practice for my exam. Can you give me help and write the mistakes if I made in this post? I also have a question about writing these kinds of posts. Should I write something for the beginning like Hi Everyone or I don't need at all? Thank you if you helping me.

The task: Browsing the internet you have found an English forum where several people are
sharing their opinions about keeping pets. You would like to take part in the
discussion, too. In a post give your opinion in about 120-140 words writing about
 pets as family-members;
 their influence on the owner;
 risks (e.g. allergy);
 the costs of keeping pets.

The post:

In my opinion keeping a pet is not as easy as some people think it is. It is really important to think about what kind of pet we want and how can we manage their needs. We need to treat animals like family members. We must give them love, company and enough space.

Having a pet has a lots of influence on their owner. Pets make their owner happy and give them company which is a big advantage when people live alone. On the other hand owner needs enough patience because pets can scratch furniture or can be very loud.

First of all, before we buy a pet we need to be sure that one of the family members are not allergic to fur. If we have a small house we should avoid of getting a huge animal like a big dog who needs space. Moreover if we do not have enough time we should not keep pets at all.

It is important to have a good financial circumstances because having an animal is not cheap. We always have to buy food and also some toys. The pets can be ill and this cause another expense but if we have patience to deal with all of the disadvantages, we can get a pet who can be our friend for a life.