Word choice: self-zoomorphizing, self-animalization, or other?

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Word choice: self-zoomorphizing, self-animalization, or other?

Post by Junshan »

Hello everyone. I'm looking for a word. If people want to become, or think they are a certain kind of animal and behave accordingly , what word should I use to describe such phenomenon?

For example, some people loathe to socialize, and they would rather stay with animals than with humans. They sometimes think they are animals, and even behave like animals. Assuming they want to be a fish, they would like to stay in the water as long as they can.

I've considered "self-zoomorphizing" and "self-animalization", but it seems like few people use the former and it may be inappropriate to use the latter because "animalization" means "an act that makes people cruel or lacking normal human qualities". Those people I want to describe just dislike their human identity, which doesn't mean they lose their humanity.

I'd appreciate it if you tell me what word I should use. :)
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