I want to improve english

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I want to improve english

Post by buntyindia »

:) Hello To All! :)
My self Nitin & i am 21 years old.
From India.
Here to learn english.

I want to improve my english.
Could u suggest me how can i improve my english.

As u can see my english is very bad...
Please help me........

Bye.. :wink:
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Post by Guest »

As u can see my english is very bad...
No .......your language isn't bad at all.

to improve your language ( any language) you should improve five skills

1- listnening

spend at least 1 hour in listening ( for examle) to BBC news

and as a beginner DON'T wast time in listening to both accent (usa and uk )

so the most important ( choise one accent )

2- reading

you could buy a novel or a newspaper and spend an hour to read

and when you read` REMEMBER you read ONLY for improve this skill

so don't take care about the meaning of strange words if you try to translate every word to your own language you will not improve your reading sklii

3- speaking

when you in the way of your job or market or in buses try to meke conversation with your self of coures it must be a silent converstion or your friend will think that you lost your mind

in this converstion try to describe things buldings peoples streets and every thing you see

4- writing

spend 30 meinutes in writing a common words


divide your time in correct way
i mean don't pracites this skills in one period

you could improve listening at the morning or dawn

and writing at afternoon

and spaking as i said in the way og your job

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Post by Pirate »


I used to be not very good at reading comprehension but then when i focused to improve this skill, i realized that it is the most important skill in learning English.

Read then u can enlarge ur vocabulary, use that for writing, speaking and listening.

Read and U get used to the way a native writer use English then u can use it more accurately.

Remember study it everyday and revise all the time.

And now give u one tip i got from my teacher of English : try to think in English.

Be happy :)
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Post by buggah »


I have been studying the English language for about three years. I know I still have a lot of things to learn, not only about grammar, style, vocabulary and pronunciation, but a bunch of other stuffs. In the first year of study, I used to read and listen to English from two to three hours a day. The first book I read was Harry Potter. I can say that my English has changed completely after that. Here is my advice: pick a book of at least 300 pages (a novel would do the work, but be careful to pick a book you like); read it from the beginning to the end and never go back; don't even think about stopping your reading to look up words in your dictionary; just read and don't mind if you know the meaning of each word; if you want, you can underline the words you don't know (You will propably get tired, or even bored, of underlining them by the middle of the book. That's ok. Just read it. It will be enough.) When you reach the middle of the book you will notice you are reading faster and you can understand the whole context even if you don't know the meaning of many words in a paragraph. If you've underlined the words you don't know, write them down in a piece of paper and using an english-to-english dictionary, write their meaning next to them (for instance, gasp - breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted.) Never translate them into your language. If you want, you can read the book once more, now using your notes.

I hope it helps you.

Buggah Loo