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Free Download Study IELTS Prep e-Guide Self Access site

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Free Download Study IELTS Prep e-Guide,Free Trial English SelfAccess Lesson,IELTS News and Newsletter

I have developed a study aid for people writing the
English language exams which are prequisite for college entrance, study
abroad and emigration to Australia, new Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US. The e-Guide is a free download and contains helpful links to English study materials
as well as useful information on colleges and immigration. I invite you to download the studyIELTS e-Guide from the website listed below or to add a link to your website.

Should you wish to share this study aid with others,
please feel free to use the voucher below which can be
found by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage listed

The studyIELTS eGuide Voucher is available on the same site.

You are able to download the studyIELTS Voucher and email one to a friend and post it on your student noticeboard.

I wish to get feedback from people on my studyIELTS e-Guide and to form a group of people who may be writing the exam and would like to communicate with others who have written the exam or will write the exam in the future.
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Thanks, that's good!
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