Need feedback and correction please.

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Need feedback and correction please.

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Education is a very important topic to write about, that because no achievement can be done without it.
Furthermore, people want to teach their children for many reasons, and by several ways.
First, public schools are the most used choice for learning, because they cost less than others, and they offer an acceptable level of education.
Second, some people prefer to send their children to private schools, for many logical reasons too. Usually, private schools have many professional teachers, decorated classrooms, and a lot of education tools and equipments, with no crowded classrooms.
Third, there is a new learning method which is widely increasing day by day, that many students prefer to stay at home and study behind their laptops. In fact, this way has several benefits. One of these benefits is feel free to wear comfortable clothes while studying, and there is no need to wait for the bus every morning, so students can save time for rest or for more study. But according to the other point of view, Online learning does not afford the sense of classroom, and encounter reaction difficulties between teacher and students.
Finally, we have recognized the most used education ways, and the increasing importance of learning, in order to improve the society and individuals life.
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