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hello everyone! just trying to get myself back on writing poems.

Foreseeing things as I lay and daydream has always been quite fancy,
Emotions we agonized for so long, now becomes just a memory.
Realizing internal peace is rather what we need,
And beyond that, you’ll see acceptance as the key.
Ones set of mind is the most powerful,
Once it becomes wise and flexible it will end up very threatening
Powerful as it thinks the rest is dull.
Crazy how time rapidly changes the gentle wind, the people, feelings, and life.
They say time is an illusion, an endless illusion indeed.
Sometimes, emptiness is a dangerous vague feeling that visits our soul, mind, and heart.
Yet perhaps, it’s something we might be needing in time.
Suffering in never a bad thing especially if it results fixing the being.
To embody a strong soul and wise mind is a goal, though it may seem unlikely, but defeats and shortcomings quite makes the path.
fatz cielo
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Re: poem

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it's really true all we need is realizing internal peace
that's the only way you will accept yourself and you will realize your own value.

great poem, congrats
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