Simple Present Tense

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Simple Present Tense

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There are 3 types of Tense.
1) Present Tense
2) Past Tense
3) Future Tense

Every Tense has it's 4 subtypes. Overall tenses are 12 in total. In this article, we will know everything about Simple Present Tense.

Types of Present Tense
1) Simple Present Tense
2) Present Continuous Tense
3) Present Perfect Tense
4) Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Structure of Simple Present Tense:
Rule : S+MV+O+C
S - subject
MV - Main Verb
O - Object
C - Complement

To know more about Definition of subject, main Verb and Object, kindly read this article.
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What is Conjunction, Interjection and Gender

Simple Present Tense

#Where to use simple present tense..

1) In the live sports commentary.
1) Sachin hits the ball to boundary.
2) Zaheer stumps him out.

2) Dramatical description of historical events.
1) king Shivaji Maharaj pokes the dart into Shaystekhaan's stomach.
2)Gandhi takes out a march to Dandi.

3) Frequently taking place actions in the present.
1) I go to school everyday.
2) She plays badminton.

4) Universal truth
1) The Sun rises in the east
2) The gravity of the Earth is 9.8 m/s2.

5) idioms, thoughts, rule etc.
1) Health is wealth.
2) monday comes after sunday.
3) truth prevails alone.

Examples of this tense,

1) We play cricket on the ground.
2) She sings a song in the Gathering ceremony.
3) They dig a well in the farm.
4) Pratiksha studies hard.
5) You go to school.
6) I bring a mobile from store.
7) He makes a table.
You might notice that some of the above sentences which has included s, es, suffixes to their verbs. Let's learn it in the details.

Where to use "-s, -es,- ies" suffixes to verb in Simple Present Tense.

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Important note: when He, She, It or any singular noun comes in the sentence as a subject, at that time suffixes like, "-s, -es, -ies" are applied.

1) Virat hits the ball.
2) She watches a movie.
3) He steals a pen.
4) It rains.

Where to apply suffix "-s"
The verbs which are ended with words like l, e, t, r, etc, then "-s" suffix is applied.
Pulls, makes, puts, decorates, deceives etc.

He pulls the door.
She makes cakes.
It occurs.
Virat puts a book on table.
She decorates a home.

Where to apply suffix "-s"
1) If the verb is ended with "y" but before y, there is a vowel, then suffix "-s" is applied.

Play - plays
Pay - pays
Destroy - destroys
Say - says

Where to apply suffix "-es"
2) If the verb ended with the words like s, sh, ch, o, x , then suffix "-es" is applied.

Pass - passes
Catch - catches
Go - goes
Fix - fixes
Wash - washes

Where to apply suffix "-ies"
2) If the verb is ended with consonant y, but the alphabet before y is a consonant, then suffix "-ies" is applied by removing alphabet "y".

Fly - flies
Ply - plies
Dry - dries
Fry - fries
Cry - cries

Important note 1)
If two actions taken place one after one, and second Action is in simple future tense, then the first action is always in simple Present Tense.

1) If train leaves the station before we reach, we will go back to home.
2) If it rains, we shall get wet.

Verbal Question of Simple Present Tense.

Verbal Questions are those questions which are answered only in yes or no.

Rule:- Do/Does+S+MV+C+?

Where to apply do and does....

I, We, They, You, any plural noun ----do
He, She, It, any singular noun------does

1) Where do I go?
2) Where does she go?
3) When do you take dinner?
4) When does he take dinner?
5) How do they make a table?
6) How do people make a table?
7)Why does Sachin get man of the match award.
8) where do boys play cricket?

Negative sentence of Simple Present Tense

Rule:- S+do/does+s+mv+c.

1) I do not take coffee.
2) She does not take coffee.
3) He does not work.
4) They do not work.
5) You do not spit on road.
6) We do not celebrate her birthday.
7) She does not celebrate her birthday.
8) Boys do not make noise.

Negative Verbal question of Simple Present Tense

Rule:- Do/Does+S+not+MV+O+C+? OR
Don't/ Doesn't+S+MV+O+C+?

1) Don't you agree with me?
2) Do you not agree with me?
3) Doesn't she like you?
4) Does she not like you?
5) Do you not have kids?
6) Don't you have kids?
7) Do they not respect him?
8) Don't they respect him?

So friends, did you understand this lesson?
Kindly give me your suggestions about my articles to improve whether there is any fault. Thanks!
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